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Creating Glitter in Photoshop Elements

Add a little sparkle to your digital scrapbook pages! Follow the steps below to create your very own glitter embellishments or alphabets.

Step 1 - Getting started.

Start by opening Photoshop Elements and going to Edit Mode. Create a new document (Ctrl + N). Make it 6 in by 6 in at 300 dpi with RGB Color Mode and a transparent background.

Step 2 - Making your shape.

Use the Custom Shape Tool (U) to create a heart. (Any shape pr font will work. Double click on the Color Box just below the menu bar to change the color to a bright pink. Then click the Simplify button just to the right. You must Simplify your layers for the filters to work.


Step 3 - Duplicate your layer.

Right click on the heart in your layer palette and select Duplicate. Repeat until you have three layers. Name the bottom layer Heart, the middle layer Overlay and the top layer Screen.


Now you will want to change the Layer Mode of each layer to match their name: Overlay to Overlay and Screen to Screen. To do this click on the the down arrow next to the word Normal just above your layers.


Step 4 - Adding noise.

Go to Filter on your main menu bar and choose Noise > Add Noise...


On the Heart layer set the Amount to 30, Distribution to Uniform and check the box for Monochromatic. Repeat this step for the next two layers, but change the Amount to 40 and Distribution to Gaussian for the Overlay Layer and the Amount to 40 and Distribution to Gaussian for the Screen Layer.



Step 4 - Adding clouds.

Duplicate your the layer Overlay and drag it to top of your Layer Palette. Then go to Filter > Render > Difference Clouds.

Step 5 - Setting your Layer Styles.

To add a little more interest you can now set you Layer Styles. Click on the Heart layer and add a Drop Shadow by clicking on one in the Effects Palette just above your Layer Palette. Double click on the fx that appeared in the Heart layer. You can now modify your Layer Styles. Set your Light Angle to 120, Drop Shadow Size to 25 px, Distance 10 px, Opacity 25 px, Glow Size 125 px and Bevel Size to 7 px, Direction Up.



Step 6 - Almost done!

Now all you need to do is Merge your layers. Go to you Main Menu Bar > Layers > Merge Layers (Ctrl + E). That is it you are done! Now you can Save (Ctrl + S) your file and later just drag and drop it on to the page of your choice.




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