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In the world of digital scrapbooking you will find that there are tons of options when it come to choosing which digital scrapbooking software to use. In the future I will try to provide a little information about each of these, but when asked by friends or family I always recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements 9Adobe Photoshop Elements. For this reason I am going to focus on it for a moment

Why Adobe Photoshop Elements?

As the #1 selling consumer photo-editing software*, Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 delivers powerful options that make it easy to create extraordinary photos and quickly create stunning digital scrapbook pages. By purchasing Adobe Photoshop Elements you can take full advantage of your photos, your creativity and the freebies we have to offer.

One of the biggest reasons I recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 is that it truly is the industry standard. You may be able to save $5 - $10 by going with another digital scrapbooking software, but in the end you won't find as many tutorials, templates, brushes or custom shapes available.

I also like Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 because it is simple enough to use that you can create a simple page in just a few minutes or you can spend hours learning and expanding your skills to create true works of art.

Other Options

Next Page - Scrapbooking SuppliesAs I said before there is an almost endless supply of options when it comes to digital scrapbooking and photo editing software on the market. Go to the next page to see a list of the top digital scrapbooking programs.



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