Using Page Templates in Paint Shop Pro

Using Page Templates is a fun, fast way to create designer pages in minutes.

Step 1: Opening your Page Template with Paint Shop.

To do this launch Paint Shop Pro, then go to File on the top menu and choose Open. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O. Then select the Page Template you would like to use and click Open.

(You may be prompted with the message “This PSD contains unsupported feature”. Just click OK.)


Step 2: Adding your background paper.

Repeat the steps above to open your background paper. Then to select the background paper go to your top menu, choose Selections, and click Select All. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A. Once your background paper is selected you will want to copy and paste it on the Page Template. To copy go to the top menu, choose Edit and select Copy or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C. Then switch to the Page Template, select the background layer of the page template and paste the paper down. You can do this by going to your top menu, choosing Edit and clicking Paste or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + L.

Step 3: Appling papers to the template shapes.

Again repeat the steps to open and copy the next paper you plan to use. Once the paper is copied select the layer you would like to apply it to in your Layer Palette.  Paste your paper down directly above this layer. Then go to your tool bar and click on the Magic Wand Selection Tool.Use the Magic Wand to select the shape by clicking inside of it. Next go back to your paper layer and right click on it. Go to New Layer Mask and choose Show Selection. Your paper should now take the shape of the template layer.

Simply repeat this step for the reset of the template papers and photographs.

Step 4: Adding your embellishments.

This step is super easy. Just copy and paste any embellishments you would like to add and arrange them as desired.

Step 5: Adding a drop shadow.

To a drop shadow to your layers go to the top menu and choose Effects. Then highlight 3D Effects and click on Drop Shadow. A pop-up window will now appear allowing you to control how the drop shadow will look. I like to use the following settings: Vertical – 8, Horizontal – 15, Opacity – 10, and Blur 30. Check the Preview on Image box so that you can see what your drop shadow will look like.


Congratulations, you did it!